Why we think that future generation will get things easier in life

Over the years, the amount of young people who are willing to raise their voice about the issues that concern us all has increased. Be it politics, economy, social justice, or ecology, Gen Z has just as much of a say as any of us.


And although some might think that’s irresponsible, the fact is that they’re brighter than we were at their age. Not only do they have better diets and healthier lifestyles, but they have a full grasp on technology and better, more direct ways of communication.


There’s a strong idea that society in the future will take life to a new level and improve upon what we currently have. Moreover, our kids today will have a higher life standard than we currently do.

Present Generations Focus More on Their Careers

It’s not uncommon to come across families where both parents work hard and make a great living. Well, at least not in developed countries of the West. Nevertheless, these couples’ whole lives revolve around their careers, which allows them to afford everything their kids need. Okay, maybe not everything, but more than their parents could back when they were youngsters.


And although it might sound like they neglect their children, it’s actually not true. These parents buy and provide their little ones with opportunities to expand their views and abilities so that they can achieve more later in life. The difference between what current moms and dads can give their kids and what their grandparents could back in the day is nothing short of amazing. Side by side, these are two different worlds.

People and Technology Are Evolving

Like we’ve said. Kids of today are better at using tech than we were some twenty or thirty years ago. Back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, there was no internet. Our childhoods were more focused on traditional ways of having fun. And no matter how great all of that was, we couldn’t find out all the things we wanted to. Today, with just a couple of clicks, youngsters can inform themselves about the world, society, and science in no time.


But it’s not just down to the web and smartphones. The advancement of technology isn’t just important for having a better education or more fun. It affects how we manufacture healthy foods and treat previously serious injuries and illnesses. Modern children have a better intake of vitamins and other essential materials in their foods. They also suffer from diseases less than we did a couple of decades ago. As such, their life expectancy is much higher.

More Studies Have Been Developed

It seems like all we hear about these days is ecology, renewable energy sources, and greenhouse gas emissions. Sure, not all the news is great — in fact, some are darn atrocious — but they’re in our focus. More and more scientists are studying how to make modern life a lesser burden on our environment. With a little luck and their expert knowledge, in a couple of decades, issues that plague Earth today will be gone for good.


Such progress can only benefit the ones that are going to come after we’re gone — the future generations. They will have a new way of life that will be more accustomed to the environment, with fewer fossil fuels that are messing things up. Air pollution and the climate crisis won’t bother them as it does us. The sea levels will return to normal, and we as a species we’ll certainly be heading towards a dreamlike utopia.

Present Generations Are Aware of Current Issues

We’ve already established that the overall expectation for future generations is that things will be easier. They’ll have a better education system, more social equality and justice, a better economy, and a healthy environment to thrive in. But it all has to come from somewhere. Yep! It’s down to us today.


We’re currently living in turbulent times. Yet, we’re making the most of them by trying to fix as much as possible. Our social media feeds are full of current issues that will hold back our kids if we don’t resolve them on time. This is why it’s important to keep improving each day. Regardless of how big our problems are, we need to end them for our kids’ sake. 

It Is Everybody’s Goal

The question of what will happen in the future to generations ahead of us solely relies on what we’re doing in the present. If we man up and put our differences aside, we’ll ensure that society progresses and all our dreams come true. What’s more, if we keep a common goal in our sights, we’ll cure horrible diseases, keep other species alive, our environment clean, and leave future generations with a clean slate in front of them.


Of course, all this sounds perfect, and we’d all want it to happen. But it sometimes feels like an unachievable goal. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. It’s all possible if we make a joint effort and prove that humanity isn’t about war, but about progress and betterment. And no matter to which generation we belong, we share the same dream — to leave a better world behind us for our offspring to enjoy and develop further.